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Awega SCI


Awega Sustainable Communities Initiative is an Enterprise platform that offers a suite of transformative Technology tools designed to equip Businesses and community groups to conduct their enterprises efficiently and in compliance with requisite regulations.


Offer Proposal
Awega SCI is implemented as a package that includes;

1. A CRM system called Awega CDMS (Community Development Management System)
This platform manages all the activities that collectively and systematically result in a product or service reaching the end-user or consumer from start to finish.
2. An E-Commerce Marketplace called Mamboleo Shop
Mamboleo shop is effectively the plugin that transforms the products from the Agricultural programs into revenues, by quantifying the activities that together create the end product, including human resource and input values (Employment component), Sales (Transaction component), earnings (Financial inclusion component).
3. A Web App called Awega CDMS App
The Architecture of this initiative enables all stakeholders to interact with the whole platform and fulfill the deliverables for each program, project or initiative in real-time, for Reporting, evaluation and financial transactions, through the fully integrated Awega CDMS Fintech App.

Our Partners

In order to facilitate the selling of agricultural products globally through fair trade policies and also improve farmers’ futures, we work with Alco London Limited and its partners.

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